GEOTER is a company founded in 2007 that offers services for the use of renewable energies. We carry out sustainable projects and designs with low dependence on fossil fuels for heating systems, refrigeration, production of domestic hot water and air renewal for each particular case, as well as subsystems for electricity supply.

We are a group of highly specialized engineers who develop and apply innovative projects, thanks to our own lines of research in the areas in which we carry out our activity.

All this has allowed the company to position itself as the first and most experienced geothermal company in Spain, with more than 14,000 thermal kW installed and 120,000 perforated meters, backed by numerous recognitions from both private clients and public entities.

MISIÓN: Ofrecer a nuestros clientes servicios que contribuyen a una mejor calidad de vida, de manera eficaz y respetuosa con el medio ambiente, mediante sistemas de gestión energética, utilizando todas las posibles fuentes de energía renovable

VISIÓN: Ser la ingeniería consultora de referencia en todas nuestras áreas de actividad.

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