This project brings together a multidisciplinary team of small and medium enterprises, large industries and research institutes, with experience in the search and application of design and control systems in the combined world of building and energy.

Based on previous searches, supported by the European Union and national projects and practical experience, the obstacles identified have now been demolished with the penetration of geothermal heat pumps (GEO-HP) combined with thermally active systems in buildings (TABS, “Thermally Activated Building Systems”). The solutions, which need to be implemented in an integrated manner, were identified and the satisfaction of the proven proofs of concept came together to join forces in an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor).

The aim of these innovative concepts is to increase the contribution of low-value energy resources through their use in systems on the one hand and to improve them on the other.

The overall solution is an optimal integration of GEOTABS with the secondary supply and emission system.

To allow optimal use of both GEOTABS and the secondary system, a division will be made between the so-called “base loads” that will be met by GEOTABS and the remaining energy needs should be covered by the secondary system. A generic rule, removing the simulation work case by case, will be developed.

Predictive Control (MPC) to generate a controller model with input models previously performed by computer such as alterations and thermal power of the HVAC to avoid case-by-case development. Research is necessary to evaluate the overall performance and robustness of the approach with respect to uncertainties.

As such, the MPC-GT consortium considers that it has identified a comprehensive solution that will provide a design strategy close to the optimum for the MPC GEOTABS concept using optimal control of the integrated design. The solution will support the industry, especially members of small and medium enterprises, to extend their activities and strengthen their competitiveness.

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